Open a Store

We don’t believe in the traditional ice cream franchise model. You shouldn’t pay for the privilege to sell our product, pay for our product and pay a royalty for selling the product. That’s paying three times, and we think once is enough. When you decide to start a business serving your community, we think it should be with a company that has a devoted following and sets you up for success. That's why Loard's store owners pay NO FRANCHISE FEES AND NO ROYALTIES.

Loard's is in business with you for the long haul. You provide a fun environment to make customers smile in your store, we sell you Loard's ice cream. Plain and simple.

Loards Advantages

  • No Franchise Fees, No Royalty Fees, No Forced Upgrades

  • Less than 1/3rd the startup costs of ice cream franchises

  • Loard’s provides a framework, you customize it for your own business to cater to your community needs, tastes and desires

  • Great tasting products—our ice creams, flavors and cakes have been award winning, local favorites for decades

  • Loard’s is a family run business and our business model is aligned with your success

  • Display up to 50% more flavors in your valuable dipping space